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"I'm On My Way" new CD - 6 songs: 2 classsic country remakes; 4 original blues

Newly released solo album, "I'm on my way", I feel I have finally described the artist I've become through these last 30 years and laid it down in my words and guitar playing !.

I had a blast recording it, Bryan Kuban (Kube Studio) is a master at Producing and connecting with each individual artist.

 I have featured Rob (DukeofWail) on harmonica and George Brunson (from Moggollon) on slide guitar.

There's also my most personal favorite with Jessi Colter.. She wrote "Storms never Last". I've sang it since childhood and it was a dream to record with her.. I cannot thank my musician friends enough for adding there flavor,flare and excellence to this album..

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!


https://cdbaby.com/kristydee3 (I'm on my way)

https://cdbaby.com/kristydee (sunset strat boulevard) I

Sunset Strat Boulevard - 10 song CD. original country/pop

The First CD... I loved doing this one.. seems like forever ago... Check out "No doubt about it" one of my favorites